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Sound for Meditation and Resonance

People say that the soul, on hearing the song of creation, entered the body, but in reality the soul itself was the song. - Hafiz

We Are Vibrational Beings

Quantum Physics states that nothing is solid, that everything is energy. The universe is in a constant state of vibration and so are we. Frequency and vibration create the structures of matter and life, sound and light. Positive emotions and being in a state of peace can create a powerful change of experience for the person emitting those emotions and for those around them. At our subatomic level, vibrational frequencies determine the manifestation of physical reality. Our physical reality isn't physical at all. Everything is energy and we are all connected.

It is universal to understand how a particular song or piece of music can be heard and change the day, or a particular sound from a past memory can transport one to another place and time vividly. 

I have thought about these things for years. I’ve thought about the point where science and spirituality meet. These questions inspired me to try different practices and meditations in an effort to overcome patterns and habits and beliefs I had that were troublesome. I found that I could not change anything with my thinking alone, there had to be more. So I set out to learn about the field of consciousness and the resonate power of the heart. I wanted to experiment with imbuing music with specific vibrations and intentions.

Wave Music Project began as a bit of a lark. It was an experiment to write a piece of music that could be used for meditation. Through a series of synchronistic interactions, I decided to give it a try one Saturday morning. Keith Allen Kay, an extraordinary artist who creates Quantum Fractal Energy Mandalas was working on a project with Melissa Joy Jonsson. He created 24 Fractal Holograms videos to coincide with 24 Fields of consciousness from her new book, "The Little Book of Big Potentials, 24 Fields of Flow, Fulfillment, Abundance and Joy in Everyday Life." I submitted the experimental piece to Keith and Melissa to see what they thought and I was asked to create original music for the 24 Fractal Holograms.  

Something amazing happened. The music came very quickly. Through the disengagement of my mind and engagement of my heart I  became quiet and listened. In the weeks that I wrote In the process I noticed that I was feeling differently. I was feeling better. My experience and perception of reality was changing.  I had an experience working with the field of the heart and had begun to access the power that does exist within us to change and to heal how we experience reality. 

The purpose of Wave Music Project is to continue to explore the resonate power of the heart and sound a to create music for healing and meditation.  I believe that within each of us exists the potential and ability to heal ourselves and to evolve. Perhaps the music found here might inspire and assist along the way....

Paula Jean Brown


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